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Sublimation printing, also known as dye-sublimation printing, is a type of printing that uses special sublimation dyes to create a transferrable design.

You can press your printed design onto fabric or a specially-coated surface using a sublimation oven or heat press. The ink will sublimate, aka turn into a gas that seeps into and becomes part of the fabric.

Unlike other printing methods that attach your design over the top of a surface, sublimation printing embeds your dyes on a deeper level, creating amazing, vibrant designs that won’t crack or peel off. 


An epoxy tumbler is a tumbler that has been given a smooth coating of epoxy resin on its exterior.

What makes epoxy tumblers exciting is how you can apply all sorts of colors and patterns along with as stickers and decals to the epoxy or tumbler surface. These then get sealed inside the resin coating, which eventually hardens into a tough, durable plastic that can last for many years.

Snow Globe Tumbler

A snow globe tumbler is a tumbler that resembles a Christmas snow globe, only you can drink from it 😀.  

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Snow Globe Tumbler
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